How To Download Arlo App For PC

Arlo offers a free app that lets you connect your Arlo cameras to your mobile devices. This app is great for keeping track of your home or office on the go.

Many users wonder if it’s possible to download the Arlo app for PC. Although there is no official Arlo app for PC, you can still easily run Arlo app on any laptop on desktop.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about running Arlo app on your PC.


Arlo App: Security Protection When You’re On The Go

The app also has audio detection. If it hears a loud noise, it will alert you through your phone. This can protect your home from breaks in, and alert if you if any alarms go off.

And the app is free for users of Arlo cameras, giving you on the go security monitoring without having to spend a penny.


How You Can Get Arlo App For PC

The Arlo development team has not made a version of the app that is designed for PC. However, users who want security footage on their computer can still use Arlo App on their laptop or desktop.

How? With an app called an emulator. An emulator takes the Android operating system and runs it on your PC. That means any app designed for Android can now be run on your computer. Read on.


Picking The Right Emulator To Download Arlo App For PC

There are quite a few options out there when looking for emulators. Unfortunately, a lot aren’t worth your time.

To help you find run Arlo app on your PC, we’ve selected two of our favorite emulators.


Bluestacks: The Go To For Running Arlo App On PC

Bluestacks is the most downloaded Android emulator out there. Why? Because it offers some of the best graphics  support and customization of any emulator.

Bluestacks is mainly used to play games. But this makes great for video intensive apps like Arlo. You’ll be able to get clear, high-quality video full screen on your computer.

Bluestacks also has a wide range of options for keyboard shortcuts. Why would you need those? They allow you to easily switch between video feeds. And you can even hotkey certain cameras. Press one key and your video feed will pop up.

Are there any downsides to Bluestacks? Really just one: ads. Bluestacks has a few ads that pop up on the screen. If you want to get rid of them you have to pay for the monthly premium option.

Bluestacks can be downloaded for free online.


How To Easily Download Arlo App For PC With Bluestacks

  • Download Bluestacks from their website
  • Follow installation instructions
  • Once Bluestacks is running, sign into your Google account
  • In Bluestacks, open the Play store
  • Search for and download the Arlo app
  • Once downloaded, run Arlo


NoxPlayer: Easy To Use Emulator For Downloading Arlo App On PC

NoxPlayer is another popular Android emulator. Although not as famous as Bluestacks, it will easily run Arlo app for PC.

Like Bluestacks, NoxPlayer has great graphics support. You’ll get high-quality video streams from your cameras and be able to play them full screen.

And you can easily create hotkeys to navigate between the various camera feeds.

NoxPlayer is a bit more outdated than Bluestacks. But it also has no ads, which makes it great for those who want no distractions when they run the Arlo app.


Getting The Arlo App Started With NoxPlayer

  • Download NoxPlayer online for free
  • Follow instructions for installation
  • Sign into a Google account
  • Look up the Play store from within NoxPlayer
  • Search for the Arlo app
  • Download and run Arlo


How Arlo App Performs On PC

arlo app for pc

Arlo app runs seamlessly on mobile devices, giving you excellent video streams from your cameras. But how does Arlo app do when operating on a PC? We tested Arlo app on laptops and desktops to see.


Link Multiple Cameras

One of the most important features of Arlo app is the option to link multiple cameras. And on PC, this feature works extremely well.

Each camera is easy to add, and the video feed pops up quickly. Once the connection is made, it is reliable, with few dropped signals.


Motion And Audio Alerts

Another key feature of the Arlo app is the ability to detect motion and alert you to noise. If anything moves near your cameras or a loud noise is made, you get a notification through the Arlo app.

How do the alerts perform on PC? They worked well, although there were a few times when the notification wasn’t received. However, this was rare, and in most cases the alerts were quick and accurate.


Video And Audio Recordings

The Arlo app will also allow you to store video and audio recordings for later playback. This feature works great on mobile devices. And we’re happy to say it also does great on PC.


Doorbell That Connects To Your PC

You can also set up a doorbell from the camera that sends an alert through the app. This works great when you’re using Arlo app for PC.


Set An Alarm

Arlo app also gives you the option of setting off an alarm from within the app. If you see a stranger at the door, you can click the alarm button just below the video feed. This will set off the connected alarm and help you scare away any intruders.

And this feature works on PC as well. The alarm function was responsive, and there were no issues with connections.


Arlo App: Keep Your Home Safe

Arlo app is an excellent choice for those who want to connect their Arlo cameras to a PC or mobile device.

With just a few simple steps, you can use the mobile Arlo app on any laptop or desktop. Just follow the advice described here and you’ll be running Arlo app on your PC in no time.

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