Smart Reasons to Become a Software Developer

You may want to become a software developer. Say you’re in college and planning to enter the working world. Or, conversely, if you’re in the working world and planning to go back to college to get a more interesting and better-paying job.  

One obvious benefit to this career choice is that it is well paid. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a software developer is $51.69 per hour or $107,510 per year.

As a software developer, you’ll also work with team members just as curious about life as you and just as eager to develop new ideas that improve the world.





You’ll also get to work at some of the best companies in tech while enjoying a work-life balance.  

These, of course, are good enough reasons to consider this profession. There is yet another reason that is even more interesting if you’re quick to learn new things and need stimulating ideas to stay engaged.

Unlike other lines of work, software development is never boring. Creativity is encouraged, not discouraged, and smart people are celebrated, not ignored. 

As a software developer, you can be as smart and as creative as you like.   


You’ll Work on Smart Projects If You Become a Software Developer 

Here are some examples of “smart” projects that you might be involved in once you become a software developer:  


Developing Smarter Technology 

You might work on breakthrough technology such as NoOps PaaS technology. A NoOps PaaS solution offers intriguing possibilities for making good software even better.

NoOps, which is short for “No Operations,”  is a completely automated software solution. Meanwhile, PaaS, “Platform as a Service” is a cloud computing service for customers to develop, manage, and launch their own apps.

A business with this solution would not even need an operations team to manage the technology.


Developing Smarter People

You might work on breakthrough technology for making people smarter. While you’re probably familiar with the benefits of using techniques to study smarter not harder, you may not have considered how much easier it is to increase your cognitive abilities through software, specifically the use of brain training applications.

Lumosity, for instance, improves cognitive skills like attention, speed, and problem-solving. Another interesting app is LearnDiscovery, which makes it easier to understand ideas by using “knowledge maps” to enhance visual learning.

And then there is QuotEd that improves comprehension for standardized tests like SAT or GRE.   


You’ll Get Access to Futuristic Concepts If You Become a Software Developer

One side effect of being a smart person is that you never think you’re smart enough. You’re a frustrated polymath. There’s always something more to learn that you would love to learn. 

Unfortunately, you may not have the time or the money to learn as much as you would love.  

As a software developer, the company you work for will often pay for your education to get even better at thinking up ingenious ideas by learning new disciplines.

If, for example, you have a fascination with robotics, your company might pay for advanced classes in Artificial Intelligence (A.I).   


Smart Career Choice

Revenge of the Nerds was a 1984 American comedy about the social ostracism that smart people face in society.

Although positioned as a funny movie, the theme was based on an uncomfortable social truth: smart students are often bullied in school.

Unfortunately, this ostracism often continues in the working world. Smart employees not only find it difficult to fit into corporate cultures but they often silently suffer the boredom of tedious work.

How do you fit in without dumbing down? Fortunately, through software development, you can be as smart as you like without trying to stifle your constant stream of ingenious ideas to belong to your social group.