Downloading FaceApp On Your PC

FaceApp is a mobile application that allows you to add effects to photos. This can come in handy if you have a photo of how you look but you wish you looked younger or maybe you’d like to add a better smile.

If this sounds like something you’d like but maybe you don’t have a phone. That’s okay because even though it was designed as a mobile-only app, today you’ll learn how to download it to your desktop or laptop in just a few easy steps.


FaceApp: Fun For Your Face

You might be sat wondering what you’re going to look like in 50 years or maybe how you’d look if you switched genders. Believe it or not, does exactly that.

We’ll dive into feature details a bit later but FaceApp can be used just for fun or to seriously change up your look, it’s truly up to you.

The best thing about the app is that it’s free, no matter if you download it on a mobile device or your PC. So you can have fun with photos without having to spend any of your hard-earned money. Let’s talk a little more about getting FaceApp on your computer.

Downloading FaceApp: How-To Guide

If you think editing fun things into your photos sounds like a great way of passing the time, just imagine doing it on a large screen like your laptop instead of your small phone screen. Like you read earlier, it was originally designed for mobile-only use but after following the steps below, you’ll have it running smoothly on your PC.

To do this you need something called an Emulator. If you didn’t know, an emulator essentially allows your desktop or laptop computer to run the same way a phone does. It mimics an Android operating system allowing you to download and use these so-called “mobile only” apps. Read on.

There are a ton of different emulators you can choose to use out there and the majority of them won’t cost you a dime. We’ll talk about two of the most popular emulators out there and how to use them to get FaceApp onto your PC.


MeMu App Player Emulator

memu app player

If you want to run FaceApp on your computer, MeMu is one of the top emulators you could use. MeMu is mostly used by gamers but that doesn’t mean it won’t easily download apps like FaceApp for you.

One of the best things about MeMu versus a lot of other emulators is that it doesn’t run advertisements. This makes downloading much smoother. One of the negative things about using MeMu is that it doesn’t exactly stay up-to-date but that shouldn’t affect your downloading too much, at most it may take slightly longer.



Using these simple instructions is what allows you to get Android apps like FaceApp onto your computer for easy use. Follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Download MeMu by clicking here
  2. Install MeMu to your PC
  3. Open MeMu
  4. Log in to your Google Play Store Account
  5. Look up “FaceApp” in the Play store
  6. Find the FaceApp icon, double-click to install and download
  7. Open FaceApp on your Computer
  8. Have fun!


Bluestacks Emulator For PC

bluestacks emulator

If you know about emulators, you’ve probably heard of Bluestacks before. A very well-known emulator used for several different apps to be PC-friendly. They also claim to be 6 times faster than any phone.

One thing that users might not like is the fact that Bluestacks runs advertisements. This can annoy some people but really won’t affect you. One of the best things about Bluestacks is they are consistently keeping it as up-to-date as possible which makes for smooth downloading.

Let’s get into those instructions so you can have FaceApp at your fingertips in no time. Read on.



  1. Download Bluestacks by clicking this link
  2. Install Bluestacks to your PC
  3. Open Bluestacks once it’s installed
  4. Sign into your Google Play Account
  5. Look up “FaceApp”
  6. Find the FaceApp Icon and download it to your PC
  7. Open FaceApp on PC after download is complete
  8. Become a photo editing wizard


FaceApp Features

faceapp for pc

The FaceApp doesn’t have a ton of features, the ones it does have can bring fun to the whole family. There is a FaceApp Pro you can pay for that allows you to take away the watermark along with a few other details but for now, let’s focus on what you get with the free version.


Smile Feature

The app comes with two different smile features. Using your live camera or uploading a photo you can choose one of the two smiles provided and FaceApp will slap a row of pearly whites right on your face. These can look eerily realistic and are a fun feature on the app.


Age Feature

One of the more fun features the app has are two different aging features. These are comparable to filters you’d find on other apps. There is an option to be “young” or “old”. The young feature smooths out your face, brightens your eyes and can even take away facial hair. The old feature will grant you with silver, grey and white hair, wrinkles and age spots on your skin.

This can be used to see what you’ll look like when you’re 50+ or just to smooth out your skin and make you look more alive.


Gender Feature

Lastly, FaceApp has a feature that allows you to see what you’d look like as a Male or Female. The male one will often make your features broader and often adds facial hair. The female one will give you a wig and often will add makeup and smooth out your skin.


Pro Features

Lastly, by paying a fee you can get FaceApp pro. While it’s not necessary, some users may like the pro features. This will give you the following:

  • No Ads
  • Watermark Removal
  • Face Selection
  • Priority Photo Processing