Ring of Elysium: Tips and Tricks to Get the Most of It

Ring of Elysium, or as it is popularly called, ROE, is one of the most intensive and fun to play Battle Royale games.

If you are a beginner to this game or don’t know your way around guns, then you are at the right place.




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Training Mode in Ring of Elysium: Always Begin With Small Steps

Training mode is the perfect place for newcomers.

It is a simulation of the actual Battle Royale without human enemies.

This place is singularly to master the game, and get accustomed to new guns and moves. 

So what to do once you enter the training mode?

Well, to begin with, start practicing your movements.

Remember, the quicker your reflexes are, the harder it would be for your enemies to kill you.

Practice till you don’t have to look into the keyboard while you move.

Try doing multiple movements simultaneously.

For example: jump while running, running and then quickly crouching.

All of this makes your enemy confused and gives you an added advantage in the game.

Once you get done with the movements, it is time to introduce the guns.


Know Your Guns and Your Defenses

Guns are the most crucial aspect of any Battle Royale game.

They are the pillars on which your life depends.

There are six different categories of guns:

  • Pistols
  • Submachine Guns
  • Assault Rifles
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles
  • Shotguns

When the game begins, you get the option to choose a particular weapon.

It is advisable that you quickly find any other gun nearby.


Choose the Gun that Suits Your Needs

When you fire a gun, the gun shakes because of the shots fired.

This shaking of the gun is also known as recoil.

You must know how to control that recoil because if you fire at the enemy and the piece shakes, it will become tough to hit the enemy.

The enemy will not hesitate to kill you.

You have to practice with the gun which you mostly use in the game during your time in the training mode.

More practice with any weapon will slowly and steadily make you faster and more agile.

Try keeping your gun loaded at all times as you never know who might attack you.


Training Mode Is Not Everything

Training mode only gives you superficial experience.

It cannot present you with a real battle royal experience with real enemies.

The bots that you kill in this mode are very easy to kill as they are only designed to help you.

You need to get into the competitive mode to face real enemies and test your skills.

Remember that your first few games will be full of bots to give you a sense of confidence.


Map and Positioning Are Beneficial

You could be a returning player or a newbie. But the knowledge of the map will take you a long way in the game.

Besides telling your exact point, it also helps a great deal in tracking your enemies and the drops that follow during the game.

There are several key locations and hiding spots on the map.

Maps will help you track those places and will give you an upper hand.


Ping the Location

The Q button allows you to mark a nearby location or an object.

You only have to point to a place and press Q.

It will alert your teammates. 


Scope and Sensitivity

There are four different types of scope. 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x.

  • 1x: includes red dot sight and holographic sight 
  • 2x: is helpful for guns with extreme recoil
  • 4x: works best on light guns with the most negligible recoil
  • 8x: is found on rare occasions and is most difficult to find

Choosing the perfect sensitivity with the right scope is a trick that is very hard to master.

You need to find that perfect spot that works best for you.

Once you find that, it is going to do wonders for you.

Choosing the perfect sensitivity lessens the recoil to a great extent.



It doesn’t matter how your skillset is in this game.

There is always a scope of improvement.

If you follow these steps, there will not be any hurdle in your way.

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