How to Track Someone’s iPhone Secretly

We often receive requests from people who wish to learn how to track an iPhone secretly. Most of them are either:

  • Parents who wish to constantly track the GPS location of their kids, or
  • People who wish to keep an eye on their “significant other,” or
  • Employers who need to regularly check up on their employees’ activities.




If you’re among such people, this article is of special importance to you. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.


Part 1: Track Someone’s iPhone Discreetly, Remotely, & Without Hassle

For any capable and reliable iPhone hacking solution, meeting three preliminary requirements is a must:

  1. It shouldn’t need you to jailbreak the device
  2. An app must operate remotely and stealthily so that the person monitored doesn’t find out
  3. It has to be safe to use and not expose the personal data of those you wish to monitor.

In our opinion, the only app currently available which satisfies all those conditions while giving you the benefit of 35+ features, extremely easy operation and set up, and affordability is Spyier. To know how it can help you, read this comprehensive article about tracking iPhone with Spyier.


1.1: Spyier – #1 iPhone Tracking Solution

Spyier is one of the most widely used spyware in the world. Such leading outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and even BBC feature the app. That says a lot about its credibility, won’t you agree?

Now let’s see how the Spyier solution makes such a feat possible.

Once you have their iCloud credentials, you’ve already won the battle. Without needing any installation on your own phone or computer, and without installing anything on your target’s iPhone, you can set up Spyier to start remote phone monitoring in 4 steps:

  1. Sign up for a free account and register with a suitable subscription plan (you will have multiple choices to pick from depending upon the number of devices you wish to monitor)
  2. Pick the OS on which the target’s device is running (this is because Spyier works on Android too)
  3. Fill in the iCloud credentials you’ve obtained (this will allow Spyier to sync all data from your target’s iCloud backup into its online dashboard which you can access once you’ve registered)
  4. Hit “Start” at the finish installation screen to being phone monitoring with real-time data getting updated in Spyier’s online dashboard.

Once Spyier has been set up using the above-mentioned steps, you don’t need to be anywhere near the target’s iPhone. All the data from their iPhone will be discreetly relayed into Spyier’s online dashboard equipped with dedicated panels to track different aspects.


Here’s a Glimpse of All That Spyier Lets You Track

With Spyier in tow, you can keep a diligent eye on the following from your target’s phone:

  • Call History – Complete track of incoming and outgoing calls with contact information and timestamps. All these details can give you info on who your target communicates with the most, at what times, for how long, and also what they talk about!
  • SMS History – Keep record of inbound and outbound text messages with timestamps and a bonus “deleted SMS recovery” ability. You can read all conversation threads exchanged between your target and their contacts and even dig up chats they’ve deleted.
  • Website Browsing History – Easily find out what your target watches or reads on the Internet using their iPhone with a dedicated website browsing history tracking feature. You can view when a website was opened and for how long your target stayed on that page.
  • GPS Location – Track the live GPS location of your target to know exactly where they are at what time. This feature has an advanced 3D street view to give you a glimpse of the environment where your target is.
  • Social Media Activity – You can hack and track all the social accounts your target uses with the dedicated Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat Spy panels that Spyier’s online dashboard offers. 

There’s a lot more this powerful application packs. Visit this page to read about the complete feature list, and to know about how it works, check out Spyier’s free live demo.


Part 2: Track Someone’s iPhone for Free

As we already highlighted towards the beginning of the article, there are several iPhone trackers available online; many of them free. However, again we would stress that such trackers are either not as feature-packed as the solution discussed above, or they come with some risks.

Another method is using Apple’s “Find My Phone” feature, but for this, you would need to enable this on the target’s iPhone and have access to their Apple ID and password. Also, in this method too, your target will get to know “Find My Phone” has been activated.


Wrapping It Up

So friends, we’re sure you’ll agree that using a remote and secretive phone monitoring app like Spyier is the best way to track someone’s iPhone without letting them know. Other methods might work, but they won’t give you anonymity and access to 35+ additional tracking features. The choice is yours.

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