How to Play Vainglory on PC and Mac

Do you want to know how to play Vainglory on your PC? It’s possible now with the help of our 100% working methods.

Vainglory was an instant hit when it came out. Ever since, people have been searching for ways to download Vainglory for Windows and Mac.

The good news is that there are plenty of different methods to play this game on a computer. We’ll explain all of the methods in this article.



Vainglory for pc

There are various reasons why this game is such a hit. Here are some of its best features, read on:

    1. Free to play on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac
    2. Real-time multi-player PVP battles
    3. More than 25 heroes with unique abilities and special skills
    4. High-quality graphics for enjoyable gameplay
    5. Precision controls make it extremely competitive to play Vainglory
    6. Play against your friends
    7. You can watch matches in a spectator mode to see how your friends are doing
    8. Immerse yourself in a stunning world
    9. Fast-paced matches, with each match lasting for 20 minutes
    10. Explore items with unique abilities
    11. You can buy hero skins by trading your cards
    12. New game features and new cards are regularly added to the game
    13. Play at 60 frames per second for a smooth gameplay experience


How to Download Vainglory for PC – 100% Working Method

The developers of Vainglory haven’t released a PC version of this game. So your only option is to play the game on mobile devices.

If you want to download and play the game on a computer, you have to first install an Android emulator on your computer. Read about that in this post.

Once you have an Android emulator installed on your Windows or Mac computer, you can download and run the Android version (APK) of Vainglory for PC.

In case you didn’t already know, an Android emulator allows you to run Android apps on your computer. You can easily install a FREE emulator to play Vainglory on your PC.


Install it on your PC

Here are the steps that you need to follow to install Vainglory for PC:

      1. Download an Android emulator from one of the sources below:
        1. Bluestacks (free and works for everyone – both Mac and PC versions available)
        2. Nox App Player (free and works fine with a dedicated graphics card installed on your PC)
        3. Andyroid (works without a dedicated graphics card)
        4. KO Player (works with Intel graphics cards only)
      2. Once you have downloaded an emulator on your computer, simply install it by following the on-screen instructions
      3. After you install the emulator, simply run it by double-clicking its icon on your desktop
      4. It should take a minute for the emulator to run on your computer
      5. Now find the Play Store by going to the app drawer on the Android emulator
      6. Open Google Play Store and search for “Vainglory”
      7. When you find the game, click on the Download button
      8. The game will take a while to download since it’s a huge game with a lot of graphics assets

Once the game has downloaded on your computer, you can run it by loading it from the emulator. The game icon will appear in your app drawer.


How to Play Vainglory on PC

Vainglory for PC is a perfect game for those who want to compete with their friends in a large 3D world.

In this game, you team up with other players and fight in the huge battle arena. You can also play PVP (player vs player) if you are more of an individual player.

You can easily play this game on your mobile device or personal computer. It works like a charm on both Windows and Mac computers.

Since this game is made for mobile devices, it’s easy to play with touch control. On a PC, you have to play it using a keyboard and a mouse.

Although some of you might not enjoy the game on a PC, others will love it for the big screen. You can also play it using a gamepad on a PC.

To truly enjoy this game on a computer, follow the tips below. I’m sure you will be rocking within a few hours.



When you really want to beat everyone else at this game, you need to work on your gameplay. It’s easy as long as you are ready to practice.

The best way to master the game is to practice with each hero. While you practice, master the skills for each hero.


Know your heroes

It’s important to know your heroes. Whether you are playing Vainglory on a PC or on a mobile device, your heroes are the main thing to focus on.

Learn how quickly your hero attacks. Learn how much energy it spends. Understand the best timing to release a hero.

Once you have mastered each hero, you should be able to beat your friends. Go ahead and play public games with confidence.


Understand the role of your hero

It’s important to learn about the role of your heroes. Each hero has special skills and abilities.

Due to having unique skills, each hero is suited to a different task. Understand which hero to choose for each task to dominate the world in this MOBA game.


Use the mining camp carefully

Whether you are playing Vainglory on PC or on mobile, minion mines will spawn every four minutes. You don’t want to take these minions straightaway and send them to your opponent.

The reason not to use minions straightaway is simple. They become strong over time. So you want to give them some time.

Additionally, when you send minions away and they’re killed, your opponents will get a lot of gold.


Don’t just build the same kind of items

If you want one tip to play really well, it’s to diversify the items that you build.

If you keep building similar items, it will be a disaster. Other players will know what they have.

Additionally, having a variety of items will make you stronger. You will have some things that will make your hero fast and other things that will make your hero stronger. Build a good combination for the best results.

I hope you have found the answer to how to play Vainglory. For a comprehensive review of this game, just scroll down.


Vainglory Review – a Fantastic MOBA That You Should Play on a PC

Vainglory is one of the best MOBA. You can enjoy PVP or multi-player battles.


Play it on your favorite device

You can play Vainglory on a PC, Android device, iPhone, or Mac computer. It’s fun no matter which device you choose to play the game.

The game is total fun. The developers have put a lot of effort into this game and you can tell that when you play the game the first time.


Multiple skills and characters

In the game, you have to master skills and learn to use them at the right time. You will also boost your character over time and become stronger.

The players will choose a character according to their playing style. Moreover, you will upgrade the skills based on your approach.


Various missions and interesting tasks to complete

After selecting a hero, you will accomplish different tasks. Players can also play individual missions.

Vainglory for PC and mobile has many forests and a lot of flora. That’s one of the reasons it takes time to download this game for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.


Unique and in-depth battle system in Vainglory for PC and mobile

Battles in this game take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Each battle is unique, as each requires a different strategy to win.

When you attack an army in the jungle, you may not be able to see the camouflaged troops. However, if you play Vainglory on a PC, these troops are easy to locate on the big screen.


High-quality graphics and mesmerizing audio score

The game has high-quality graphics. Whether you play Vainglory on a PC, Mac computer, or mobile device, you’ll enjoy brilliant audio-visual effects throughout the game.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5



Vainglory is a fun battle game where you fight other players. You can play it on a mobile device or download Vainglory on your PC.

The game allows you to compete with other players. You can also make teams and play against the other teams.

It has excellent graphics and the sound quality is beyond what you get on mobile. When you download Vainglory for PC, the first thing you enjoy is its stunning graphics.

If you enjoy multi-player and PVP games, play Vainglory on your PC today. It’s an absolutely fun action game.


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