Introductory of Stupid owner and fellow :


Welcome to my blog! This is me, “Chad Mama”. I’m the stupid owner of this blog, who is interested to play with cybersecurity especially not for hacking purposes. Wait for a second, what are you thinking about me! I’m wicked cause I am loving to do hacking in an ethical way. No, it’s my passion, my lovely interested knowledge area. I run this blog for my madness. Here, two beautiful stupids are also working with me. We are a team, who are also interested to do research on security. By the way, these guys are so helpful.

Our Beloved Sexiest Blog Story:

I was doing work on computer security during my study period. I love to do programming from my study time. After graduation, I did the job along with keeping to do research on computer security.

I found myself more interested in ethical hacking, cybersecurity, etc. Some works which were related to providing security, I resolved those issues. Then thought, why I’m not going to share these with you guys, so I decided to open a blog site. Unfortunately, I found two stupid ladies, who are interested to do work with me.

Our Goal:

Our purpose is simple.

  • As we are doing research on all kinds of computer security, so we want to try to spread our knowledge with you guys.
  • To enrich computer security level.
  • To give resourceful solution on hacked site
  • Tutorial on how to hack the site and ensure security.
  • Different functional testing for checking security.
  • Discussion scope for hacking-related terms.

Our Mission:

We love to share our idea, knowledge about computer security among all of you guys. Hope, in the future, more knowledge area will be added to share. Now, we have only focused on the computer security area, more features will be added very soon.


You all guys, get some helpful knowledge from here.