Back Up Data: Reasons Why You Need to Do It

We live in a digital era with such notions as data and back up data.

However, some people still fail to realize how important it is to back up their files and fail to do so.

This behavior is quite surprising given that there are multiple ways to create file copies, and these ways are not that difficult.

For example, if you own a MacBook and want to back up the files, you can combine Time Machine with an external hard drive.

Or, as an alternative, transfer data to iCloud.




You could also use these two methods to clear Mac system storage and free up the computer’s space. 

Windows users could also take advantage of external and cloud storage.

Besides, it is not just computer data at risk.

If you own a smartphone or a tablet, there are bound to be some important files on these devices as well, right?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common reasons why you should get in the habit of backing up your digital information.


Data Loss Prevention with Back Up Data

The first reason, and one that stands out the most, is data loss prevention.

There is an argument to be made about data recovery software, but that would mean investing additional resources, like money and time.

Besides, there are multiple instances when even data recovery software is not enough to restore the files.

By backing up data and creating a file copy, you will have a fail-safe solution in case something goes wrong with a device’s hardware.

Malware and other cybersecurity threats are also a common reason behind wiping data.

Viruses and malware attack computers, smartphones, and tablets that lack the necessary protection.

Even a minor cybersecurity threat could delete the files and leave you with no options to recover them.


Competitive Advantage

If you run a business, ensuring data safety might give you a competitive advantage.

The odds are that some of your competitors do not invest as much in backing up important files.

And if a major cyber attack were to occur, targeting your industry in particular, you would come out on top by being one of the few or the only company to take the necessary security measures.

Of course, such instances are quite rare, but it is still something to consider when you are on the fence about investing in a proper data backup strategy. 


Improved Productivity with Back Up Data

Another advantage of backing up data is about productivity at work.

For one thing, if you were to lose important work files, it would disrupt the flow of your work.

Sometimes, you may even need to start from scratch. Imagine being a graphic designer who put hours into creating a new logo and not backing up work files. 

The next day, you start your computer, and there are problems with the hard drive.

Despite your best effort, you cannot fix the hardware and end up losing the files.

When there are multiple people working on the same project, they would benefit productivity-wise as well by backing up data.

For instance, you can create file copies and put them on Dropbox, iCloud, or another cloud storage service.

Another person can access the files and copy them to their computer.

Sharing data like this is more convenient than going to a coworker and asking them to send you files.

Even an email takes more time than just logging in to a cloud account and copying the necessary files yourself. 

Given how many times someone needs access to work files throughout the day or week, not having backup copies ready would mean losing quite a lot of time. 


Peace of Mind

Knowing that your data backups are safe and sound gives peace of mind.

Sure, some people are not too worried about potential failure and lost access to their files.

But that does not mean this applies to everyone.

If you already have a lot to worry about at work, eliminating one potential problem could go a long way in improving how you feel when there are fewer things to worry about.


Better Relationships With Clients

Losing work files means delays.

Each day you are late with finishing a project is another day of your clients having to wait. 

It is true that some clients might be reasonable enough to extend your deadline.

However, relying on that is a far-fetched idea.

There are plenty of people who lack patience and would be reluctant to work with you in the future if you have failed to take care of something as simple as backing up data. 



To sum it all up, this article should be enough to persuade you to back up data regularly.

There is no reason to neglect this since you would gain so much.

And when there are multiple different ways to back up files (clouds, external storage), you could even create copies on different platforms to reduce the risks even more.