Download Brawl Stars For PC

Brawl Stars is a popular multiplayer combat game. You can play this game on just about any mobile device. But many gamers are also interested in playing Brawl Stars for PC.

Here, we’ll show you how you can download Brawl Stars for PC. There is no Windows version, though. But all it takes is a few simple steps to run it for any laptop or desktop.


How To Download Brawl Stars For PC

It is developed to run on mobile devices. But gamers can still play Brawl Stars for PC.

If you want to play Brawl Stars for PC, you’ll need an app that can run the Android operating system on your laptop or desktop. These apps are called emulators, and they let you run just about any mobile for PC.

There are a lot of free emulators out there that can download Brawl Stars for PC. Here are two of our favorite emulators if you want to play this game on Windows 7, 8, or 10.


Bluestacks: The Best App For Running Brawl Stars For PC

Bluestacks is the most downloaded emulator out there. It’s designed for gaming, and focuses on great graphics and smooth performance.

Bluestacks has some of the best keyboard mapping features of any emulator. That means you can easily customize how you play Brawl Stars for PC. It also speeds up your reaction time, giving you a competitive edge over mobile players.

If you prefer a console controller, it has full gamepad support. All you have to do is connect your gamepad.

The main downside to using Bluestacks is ads. The free version of the app is ad supported. If you want to remove ads, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

How To Download Bluestacks And Run Brawl Stars For PC

  • Download Bluestacks for free
  • Sign into your Google account
  • Open the Play store in Bluestacks
  • Search for Brawl Stars
  • Click on the game to download


MEmu: Brawl Stars For PC Without Ads

MEmu is another emulator that will allow you to run Brawl Stars for PC. Although not as popular as Bluestacks, it has great graphics support and no ads.

MEmu is designed to play games. That means it’s an excellent choice for running Brawl Stars for PC. MEmu can display the game in full resolution on a PC monitor without any drop in image quality.

Like Bluestacks, you can create keyboard maps when playing the game with MEmu.

MEmu does have some downsides. It’s based on an older version of Android, so it can sometimes be slow when running certain apps. It also isn’t updated as often as Bluestacks, and there is less community support.

Using MEmu To Run Brawl Stars For Windows

  • Download MEmu for free online
  • Sign in to Google account
  • Open the Play store
  • Search for Brawl Stars
  • Download the game
  • Once installed, run Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars For PC Review

brawl stars for pc

This game was developed for mobile devices. How does the game run when played on a PC?

We tested Brawl Stars PC to see how the game performed when played for PC. Although there were a few issues, Brawl Stars for PC runs smoothly. And keyboard mapping gives you even more control than when playing it on a mobile device.


Full-Screen Support

Brawl Stars for PC looks even better than the mobile version. The game runs on full resolution with little noticeable lag.

Brawl Stars will run in widescreen on a PC monitor, so that you won’t get any annoying black edges. Colors look good, and textures render well even at high resolutions.


Reliable Connection To Servers

How does Brawl Stars do in terms of connection speed when played for PC? For the most part, Brawl Stars runs smoothly when you are playing multiplayer on PC.

All of the game modes, from Smash & Grab to Brawl Ball, ran well on PC.  We were rarely dropped from games, and there was no noticeable slow down compared to playing the game on mobile devices.

There were also no issues with any of the store features in the game. If you want to buy extras or unlock characters, you should be able to directly from the Brawl Stars app running on your PC.


Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

If you run Brawls Stars for PC, you can take advantage of your keyboard to get even more control of the game.

Emulators like Bluestacks and MEmu allow you to map your keyboard to Brawl Stars, giving you more control of your character. This lets you respond faster and make more precise movements.


Brawl Stars With A Gamepad

Emulators let you play Brawl Stars with a gamepad. If you play most of your games on a console, you’ll feel right at home.

Brawl Stars is fun to play with a gamepad, and it makes it much easier to control your character than when playing on a mobile device. It also made shooting more accurate, and we found that we were hitting the target more than when we played the game on a mobile device.


Some Slowdown With Background Apps

If you are playing this game for laptop or desktop, you should consider closing any other mobile apps that are also running on the emulator.

Other apps may cause some slow down. They even caused it to crash a few times. Play it safe and keep other apps close if you want optimal performance when running Brawl Stars for PC.


Built-In Video Game Streaming

If you are using Bluestacks to play it (see in above in article) you can even livestream your game to a number of different services, such as Facebook and Twitch.

This feature works well, although make sure you have a reliable connection. Streaming did have some slow down on connections with low upload speeds.


Brawl Stars: A Multiplayer Combat Game

Brawl Stars is the next hit from Clash of Clans developer Supercell. Although the game is meant to be played for mobile devices, you can Brawl Stars up and running for PC in just a few minutes.