Let’s Check Out the History of Bitcoin

Wanna know a little history of bitcoin? Go along with our article!

They created bitcoin in 2008, and the network of bitcoin went live in 2009.

Bitcoin has attained an exceeding extent of success in just a little time.

All the more return of investment rendered by bitcoin in a narrow range of the clock is just phenomenal. 

Every individual of the bitcoin complex is familiar with the current facts of bitcoin.




However, no one has acknowledged the history of bitcoin.

Bitcoin has a great record that might astonish you in the very first place.

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Below mentioned is everything you should know about the history of bitcoin.

Thus, without wasting any further dues, let’s have a glance.


Before Getting Into the History of Bitcoin: What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digitalized coinage operating on a peer-to-peer network.

Bitcoin was the foremost digitalized coinage.

They managed to decentralize it and it was potential enough to sustain the anonymity of users.

However, after few incidents, there were tons of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace similar to bitcoin. 

They wanted bitcoin to facilitate transactions without government authorities such as national banks, third parties, and mediation parties.

One can get bitcoin through a process named bitcoin mining.

As after confirming a bitcoin transaction, every miner gets the block reward as bitcoin, alongside the trade. 

They process the transaction of bitcoin on a blockchain or public distributed ledger technology.

The distributed ledger renders information regarding bitcoin transactions with an exceeding extent of accessibility and transparency.

In a nutshell, they wanted bitcoin to create a transaction method without any limitation of government authorities and central banks.

Here is the history of bitcoin before its release. 


The History of Bitcoin Before Its Release

As mentioned ahead, they invented bitcoin in 2008, and the complexity of bitcoin went live in 2009.

However, there is a history of bitcoin before its release; let’s have a look. 


The 18th of August 2008

You might be familiar with the official website of bitcoin, which is subjected to a bitcoin white paper.

The domain name of bitcoin.

They registered orgon the 18th of August 2008.

The domain name is guard protected at the instance.

In other words, it demonstrates that the personal information of the individual registering the domain name cannot be released.


The History of Bitcoin dd the 31st of October 2008 

After registering the bitcoin.org domain name, they made an announcement on the cryptography mailing list by an individual named Santosh Nakamoto.

According to the robust sources, he stated that he was operating on a new flanged electronic cash system.

This system was devoid of government authorities and complexed on a peer-to-peer network. 

Conferring the announcement of the electronic cash system, they released white paper of bitcoin on the official website of bitcoin.

In addition, they equipped the white paper of bitcoin with the title of bitcoin, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.


The 3rd of January 2009

On the 3rd of January 2009, one mined the foremost block in the history of bitcoin.

And they named the block block0 or the genesis block.

It is pretty evident they processed the block on the blockchain.

And there was no hashing function in the foremost block as there are no blocks before this block.


The History of Bitcoin dd the 8th of January 2009

After five days of first block mining, they released the new flanged version of the bitcoin protocol in the bitcoin software.

Furthermore, they made announcement of software correspondingly on the mailing list.

After one day of software announcement, one mined block one or second block.

Thus the miner availed block reward of 50 bitcoin units. 


Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

They claim Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of bitcoin as per the white paper of bitcoin.

However, still, the actual identity of bitcoin inventor or Satoshi Nakamoto is pretty obscure.

Three personalities claimed to be the actual inventor of bitcoin.

The foremost one is Dorian Nakamoto; the second one is Craig white and Nick Szabo.

However, none of them was the inventor of bitcoin.

Nevertheless, they believe Nick Szabo is the inventor of bitcoin.

As he is the mere individual who introduced intelligent contracts, proof of work, and many other phenomena of bitcoin. 

In conclusion, these are some of the facts regarding bitcoin history.