What Is Cloud Testing: 6 Main Types

Cloud testing is the operation of checking your software.

It entails simulating real-time traffic through the use of cloud-based computing technologies.




But how does it operate, and what are its types?


Six Primary Types of Cloud Testing

Cloud-based testing aims to check whether your software is operational or not.

Usually, companies hire experts to examine their software by utilizing cloud testing services. 

For instance, check out these cloud services.

This procedure also checks the level of software security, its loading speed and reduces errors in the system.

There are three primary cloud computing models, which are IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

You can use cloud-based technology to do this type of testing.

It is a quick and cost-efficient way of testing, which is advantageous for most businesses.

The procedure consists of several parts, and we will go over its six main types below.


1. Performance Testing

This form is one example of non-functional testing.

It lets you assess how your software performs under certain situations.

In 2017, 56% of organizations said that they utilize cloud-based technology to do performance testing.

Below is the criteria to make this testing a success:

  • Displays an optimized performance
  • The performance of the software is the same across various gadgets
  • Has a quick response time
  • Software should not cause any errors or disruptions
  • It should not affect how it runs in other devices when the software fails due to a particular action on the cloud


2. Compatibility & Interoperability Testing

Today, there are so many brands of gadgets available in the market.

Each device has different specifications. It is the reason why testing for Software Compatibility & Interoperability is vital.

If your software is not compatible with most devices, users might opt to use others instead.

This form is an example of functional cloud testing.

It enables you to assess whether your software is compatible or not across various gadgets and systems.

Below are the qualifications to make this form of testing a success:

  • Confirm the things needed for your software to be compatible and interoperable
  • Software is compatible to use across various devices
  • Able to exchange information with no problem


3. Security Testing

Security for software is a significant concern for users.

Unfortunately, there have been many data leakage and hack issues over the past years.

This is why security testing is vital for any software.

It allows you to check for any possible security breaches and ensure that all credentials are safe and secure.

The following are the criteria for successful testing:

  • Having well-encrypted data and information
  • Only authorized people should be able to access confidential data
  • Users privacy is well-protected
  • Examine its firewall and other security settings of the software


4. Stress Testing

Your software needs to keep running even under immense stress.

The process involves measuring the software’s capability to run well under high traffic.

This method would be expensive for other testing ways since you need to have many simulators.

But, cloud testing makes this process possible in a cost-effective manner. 

Here are the qualifications to make the stress testing of your software successful:

  • The software can handle high amounts of traffic while being stable
  • It can still work even when many people are using the software
  • Stay effective under enormous stress


5. Load Testing

This testing is the procedure of identifying the software’s response to simulated traffic.

It involves creating heavy traffic through simulation to measure the software’s response.

Below are the criteria to make the load testing successful:

  • Can detect the error responsible for software failure
  • Track how the system changes under a particular traffic load
  • The software can handle the traffic load and meets the standards


6. Functional Testing

This type is where you can test to see if your software works as you envisioned.

For example, the button that you press should redirect you to the correct page.

It also checks if the elements are present and meet all the qualifications.

The following list is the criteria to make this testing successful:

  • Correct input should give you the results you expect. (For example, the button you press redirects you to the right page)
  • Meets all business requirements and qualifications
  • Software should stop running the moment a user switches over to another application


Final Word

Cloud testing refers to checking your software by using cloud-based computing technology.

It has six main types which serve different purposes.

When performing cloud testing, make sure to choose the most suitable method for your software needs.