Drone Camera Data Recovery

Drone Camera Data Recovery of Videos and Photos for DJI Drone

Recover Videos and Photos from DJI Drones and Camcorders

DJI (Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd.) is a very famous manufacturer of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (known as drones) for photography and videography. Except for drones, DJI also designs and manufactures camcorders, camera stabilizers, camera gimbals, action cameras, flight control systems, and so on. Are you worried about DJI drone camera data recovery?

For pursuing better photography and videography, more and more people choose to use DJI drones and camcorders. It’s very cool and convenient indeed. Are you a DJI drone user?

Files Loss from DJI Drones and Camcorders?

However, file loss from DJI happens occasionally due to some errors. Have you ever encountered this case? Do you know how to recover videos and photos from DJI drones and camcorders? No worries drone camera data recovery is very easy now with few steps by MiniTool recovery software.

When browsing the DJI FORUM, you may find some common cases of DJI products data loss:

Case 1. DJI drones crashed and the SD card becomes inaccessible.

Case 2. Video and photos were deleted by mistake.

Case 3. Flight records got lost because of unknown reasons.

It seems like users meet many different situations, however, they have the same result DJI data loss. So, in the rest of this article, we will show you how to solve the issue” recover videos and photos from DJI drones and camcorders. So now we are on the way to showing the drone camera data recovery process step by step.

How to Recover Videos and Photos from DJI Drones and Camcorders

As we know, when the DJI drone and camcorder work, the videos and photos are taken and saved to the inserted SD card. So, DJI data recovery means restoring lost files from the SD card.

What you need is a third-party data recovery program to complete this task. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a nice recommendation. This is a dedicated data recovery tool, designed to recover lost as well as deleted files from various kinds of data storage devices, including computer drive, SD card, USB flash drive and external hard drive.

What’s more, this data recovery software will work without bringing any harm to data in the SD card. It’s totally safe to use no matter the SD card is corrupted or inaccessible.

Before the recovery, you need to take the SD card out of the DJI drone or camcorder and insert it into a card reader. When the preparations are made, please follow the steps below to recover videos and photos from DJI drones and camcorders.

Drone camera data recovery

Step 1: Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for drone camera data recovery and install it on the computer. Then, connect the card reader (SD card inside) to the computer.

Step 2: Run the software to enter the main interface. Click This PC and you will see all drives.

Step 3: Choose the target SD card to scan by clicking Scan. If the SD card can’t be found, just hit Refresh to make the program recognize it again.

MiniTool Drone Camera Data Recovery Software

MiniTool Drone Camera Data Recovery Software

Step 4: It will cost you some time to scan the SD card, depending on its used volume. Usually, the scanning process will last for minutes. Just be patient to wait.

Step 5: When the scanning process ends, you can see all detected files (containing both existing and lost data in the SD card) displayed by the path. Open the folders to browse the files. Here, you can use Find and Filter features to find the needed data quicker.

Data recovery Software

Drone Camera Data Recovery Software

Step 6: After choosing the videos and photos needing recovering, click Save to select a location to store the recovered files.

After finishing all these steps, you can enter the specified storage destination to check or use the recovered videos and photos.



  1. You’d better not save the recovered files back to the original storage location to avoid data overwritten of the lost files.

  2. When you realize you deleted videos and photos from DJI drones and camcorders by mistake, please stop using the product, especially not saving any new files to the SD card. The purpose of this action is also to avoid data overwritten.

  3. Form a habit of data backup. Data loss issue happens every now and then. It’s inevitable. However, you can do something to low down the possibilities of this case.

For example, when you transfer files from DJI drones and camcorders, it’s better to copy the files, not cut them directly to the destination.

Bottom Line

This is the practical and safe method to recover videos and photos from DJI drones and camcorders. If you are suffering from this problem, don’t hesitate to try this solution to solve this issue.

If you have any suggestions about this topic, please share them with us in the comment section. Thanks for reading.


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