Phishing Email: Ways You Can Recognize It

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, if you work with clients online or you have a business email, you will receive a phishing email from a hacker.

People who want to steal your personal and work information usually do this via email.




Considering the fact that you use your email every day at work, you have to be careful.

Today we are going to show you how to protect yourself from phishing emails.


What Is Phishing?

This is a technique hackers use to steal your personal account information.

Once they have it. hackers create new user credentials or install malware into your system to steal sensitive information.

This is why you must have an anti phishing solution and know how to recognize phishing emails.

However, recognizing phishing emails can be a bit complicated. Here’s how you can do it.


If Someone Asks You for Your Sensitive Information Via Email, They Might Be a Hacker

Legit businesses won’t ask you to provide them with sensitive information via email.

However, a hacker will put a link in the email and say that you should click on it and then log in on that website.

If someone asks you to do this, report the email to your IT security crew.

They’ll know what to do.


Phishing Is If a Person Who Wrote the Email Doesn’t Call You by Your Name

Don’t get us wrong, if someone writes “dear customer”, that doesn’t automatically mean that they are a hacker, but most legit businesses will use your name when addressing you.

Therefore, if you notice that they don’t want to write your name in the email, be careful and and don’t disclose your personal or work information.


If They’re Not Using a Domain Email

What does this mean?

Well, a legit business has its own domain and in order for people to recognize them better, their workers have the domain name in their work emails.

For example, if you are communicating with someone from Google via email, their email address will be or something like this.

Hackers don’t have access to this domain, therefore, their email will be or something like it.

They do this in order to pose as workers from a respected company.

This is exactly why you have to pay attention to the email address when you get an email from someone you haven’t communicated with before.

Recognizing phishing emails is not a simple thing to do.

However, if you do the things we talked about today, you will reduce the risk of being hacked.