PUBG Guide: How to Stay Alive and Win

Gamer or no gamer, PUBG is one of the most popular terms in the world. And for good reasons.

This thrilling game has adventure, mystery, and fun altogether.

If you’re a player too, you should probably work on improving your skills more. 




And to help you do just that, we have some excellent PUBG tips and tricks to stay alive and win the game.

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And once you’re done with that, read our excellent guide below! 


Land at the Right Spot 

Landing is where your game truly begins.

One incorrect land and you could lose as soon as you’ve started. So in PUBG, you have to land at the right spot.

For the best looting experience, try sites with fewer players.

That way, you won’t be engaged in combat as soon as you land. Plus, you will have all the goodies for yourself. 

Also, make sure to land fast.

Doing this will ensure that you pick more items before being tackled by the enemy.

Never make the mistake of landing on a hot location. It’s risky for you and your teammates. 


Take Level 3 Helmet 

For winning the game and increasing your chances of survival, you will need a level 3 helmet and vest. 

This is because the level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet offers 230 durabilities and 55% damage reduction.

It will protect you from headshots with many weapons.

Thus, the highest level armor and helmet work best in your favor.

Of course, if you can’t afford it, choose the next best one within your budget.

But remember to invest as heavily in armor as possible. 


Don’t Indulge in Unnecessary Fights

Don’t get us wrong. An aggressive gaming strategy is often great.

And the same is true for PUBG.

But there are situations where being bold is really the most foolish thing you can do. 

Hiding is a great strategy to employ when your armor isn’t top of the notch.

Don’t indulge in risky fights when odds are against you.

For instance, if an enemy is attacking you with an M24 and you don’t have a level 3 helmet, just run away.

This strategy works well for many PUBG players. 



PUBG isn’t a team game just for show.

You will miss the fun and challenging events by trying to play alone.

This game is about playing in a team.

And teams don’t stay intact without excellent communication between members. 

Therefore, focus on improving your communication skills.

Doing this will tilt the results in your favor.

Effective communication is a key to making the right moves in the game.

Know when to stay quiet and when to put in your suggestions.

Also, support your teammates to the fullest.


Close Those Doors! 

The doors of most buildings stay closed in PUBG.

And this can be of extreme advantage for you. 

Suppose you are entering a building for loot and enemies are around you.

In that case, you can keep the doors closed to save yourself.

Also, you can hear footsteps from behind the door and prepare in advance for the battle.


Hide in the Terrain

Hiding in the buildings is something every PUBG player does once in a while.

And truth be told, there’s nothing too wrong with it. But there are some risks.

For example, if the building has just one entrance and you somehow don’t have it covered, the chances of you getting ambushed multiply.  

In areas like bushes, hills, ridges, etc., your exit options are often unlimited.

And if you properly camouflage yourself, these can prove to be pretty good and unexpected hiding spots.


Avoid Red Zones 

Three zones where you have to be super attentive are the safe zone, red zones, blue death zone.

Most players are cautious in the safe and blue zones, but the red zone can’t be underestimated. 

The Red Zone can be easily firebombed by your enemies.

And if that happens, we don’t need to tell you your fate.

So look in the map to spot these areas and avoid them whenever you can.  



If you’re a fan of PUBG and want to learn more to perform well, these tips will help you.

Just keep playing, and you will discover some new ways to survive for a long time.

And if you already have some secret strategies, make sure you comment them down below for us too!