Ten Technology Trends Moving Into a New Year

A general fact about technology trends is, they are ever-changing. Each year we are experiencing new technologies which are removing the old ones to make our life smoother.




Business owners are a particular group of people who need to care about technology trends to predict the profit margin in the next year.

We are going to share the top trending technologies that will boom in 2021.


5G Technology Trend

5G is perhaps the most discussed topic in the last few years.

The 5G development growth is almost double than the 4G, which is expected to be one of the giant markets in technology trends in 2021.

According to Strategy Analytics, about 600 million smartphones with 5G technology will be manufactured by several brands.


AI Technology Trend

We are already applying Artificial Technology in multiple sectors.

Though the prediction on AI from experts varies, the focus point is the same from different angles.

AI has proven its success several times. Thus, tech giants are upgrading their talent and going to bring AI to the next level.



In the world of network technology trends, IoT is the new addition.

If you notice the recent trends in business, IoT is the most focused thing.

It is expected that the application of IoT will surely increase in 2021 in segments like smart offices, healthcare, and more.



The demand for cybersecurity is already high due to some mega cyber attacks in recent times.

In research, they state that more than 55% of the management of businesses are interested in investing in cybersecurity.

The percentage is rapidly growing, which will be visible in 2021.


Big Data

They predict that the primary focus of big data in 2021 has to speed up the process, increase data security, improve communication, and manage it better.

Experts hope that the present year is the perfect time to apply big data everywhere. 


Remote Working

Due to the present pandemic, the definition of a traditional job has been changed.

People are working from home by using modern technologies similar to their routine job.

The pandemic is not over yet, and it is expected that technologies belong to remote connectivity will grow more in the current year.

Even many companies have declared to open a virtual office for lifelong remote working.


Green Energy

It is a good sign that people have been cautious about their health as well as the environment. Many smokers switched to vaping e liquid from smoking, believing in this concept.

In the same way, governments and companies’ investment in green energy is surprisingly growing, which will continue.


Autonomous Cars

The self-driving car will be a new technology trend in the current year.

The prediction is so realistic because big car brands like Mercedes, Tesla, and GM seem highly focused on manufacturing autonomous cars in recent times.

They expect the autonomous vehicle to start its complete journey this year.



Unfortunately, we are mentally not ready to live with robots. But, the industry is growing so fast, and the future is brighter than your imagination.

Usage of robots in restaurants and retails was a hobby in the last year.

But, we expect robots to be full-time employees in 2021.


Cloud Computing

Forrester Research states that the global market of cloud infrastructure will grow about 35% in 2021.

The growth indicates the upcoming domination of cloud computing.

Besides, the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence are regularly added to it to improve user’s experiences. 

Experts and industry leaders predict all these trends. But, they may change and perhaps more surprises are waiting for us.