What is Vulkaninfo32.exe?

Were you trying to force-close a program and found a suspiciously-named process running on your system? Or maybe you were browsing your Start menu and found a seemingly new item called “Vulkaninfo32”?

If so, don’t worry. If you were wondering what Vulkaninfo32.exe was, and if you could (or should) remove it, then you should know that it’s a completely safe component of your graphic card drivers.


What exactly is it?



Vulkaninfo32 can be found on your programs folder in your default drive (usually it’s the C:\ drive) and it can be installed by the most common graphic card companies, such as Nvidia, AMD and Intel. It used to come bundled in the driver software, but recently it started appearing as an independent application.

This API is an additional component of your graphic card’s drivers and it allows you to use the Vulcan SDK. If you’re still dubious about its origin, then you can check Vulcan’s website to see that they’re a legit company and that they work with graphics card companies.

The Vulcan SDK is a low level API which helps you in running games more smoothly and without any stutters. Hence why Intel, Nvidia and AMD bundle it together with their drivers.

The reason you’ve started to see “Vulcaninfo32” on your Start menu is due to a recent driver update. So, there’s no need to worry about it.


Should You Delete Vulkaninfo32.exe?

If you wanted to, you could delete Vulkaninfo32.exe. Chances are that most applications and games would run just fine without it. However, its purpose is to allow you to run games more efficiently, so why would you ever delete it?