Download AM2R for Free (PC/ Android/Mac)

Are you looking for the AM2R download for PC or Android? Here is our guide to download this popular Nintendo game for PC, Android, and Mac.

You will find hardly any ‘working’ download links on the Internet for this game as it has been discontinued due to copyrights problems. But we have included official and unofficial links in this guide.

You can also download different versions of this game below.


What Is AM2R Anyway?

am2r download

Metroid is a video game series developed by Nintendo. It became insanely popular on NES and Game Boy. Some other consoles in Japan also ported this game for their users to enjoy. Popular remakes include Return of Samus, Federation Force, Super Metroid, and Zero Mission.

Considering this game’s popularity, many developers followed up with their own clones of this game. AM2R is one such remake that is a precise adaptation of the popular game for PC.

In other words, it’s a PC version of the popular NES title Metroid.

The reason Nintendo hasn’t released an official version of the hit video game for PC is simple. They just don’t make games for Windows or other platforms.

But you can still enjoy this beautiful video game on your computer. You don’t need to buy a Nintendo console for this game. Download AM2R, which is a clone of Nintendo’s Metroid, and play it on your Windows PC or Mac computer.


What Do You Do In This Nintendo Video Game?

In this game, you control the main character and explore the underground tunnels of a distant planet. You want to collect resources so that you can continue to fight the dangerous Metroids.

As a player, you explore different locations. Gradually, the unlocked area expands. It becomes really fun to beat different enemies while improving your player skills.


Main Features Of AM2R

This PC adaptation of Metroid brings all the same features that you loved on NES. However, you can expect some new features as well.

Below, you will find the most interesting features of this game.

  1. Zero Mission style

  2. Map system allows easy exploration

  3. Minibosses add extra fun

  4. New areas provide motivation to keep playing

  5. Challenging fights throughout the game

  6. Updated and new enemies make it even more exciting than the original game

  7. Stackable beam systems

  8. Newly created enemies and Metroid sprites

  9. Amazing sound quality and some awesome tracks that will immerse you in the game

This game features high-quality graphics. It performs exceptionally well on PC. The scenes load really fast. Backgrounds, ships, enemies, bosses, and other game elements are designed to provide a rich gaming experience for fans of Metroid.


Download AM2R For Windows, Linux, Mac, And Android

Unfortunately, this game has been discontinued after Nintendo sent an official DMCA warning.
That means you won’t have any more game updates and there will be no new versions.

The good news is that you can still play this game. All you have to do is download an older version of this game from a torrent and install it on your PC. Surprisingly, you can also play it on your Mac or Android device.

To find out where to get the AM2R download, scroll down and follow the links for your operating system.

WARNING: Downloading torrents could be illegal where you live. Be sure to use a VPN service while using a torrent program to avoid giving away your IP address and location to the authorities. A VPN program hides your identity on the internet.


Get AM2R Download For PC – Official Link Included

To download this game for PC, you need to download the following torrent. It’s the only official link remaining to get the latest version of this game.

You can also download this game using the unofficial torrent found at the link below.

To download a torrent file, you need to install a torrent client on your computer. After you have installed a torrent app, simply go to Add Torrent > Add from URL or something similar depending on what torrent client you are using.


Download AM2R For Mac, Linux, And Android – Only Unofficial Links Available

To get this game for other operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Android, simply download it from the following links.


Linux Version

You can download two different versions of this game for Linux.

  1. Version 1.1

click here


  1. Version 1.0

Click here


Mac Version

Get the Mac version of this popular NES game from the link below.

Click here

You can get both 1.0 and 1.1 versions from the link above.


Android Version

To download this Nintendo NES game for Android, simply visit the link below and grab the APK file.


Once you have downloaded the .APK file, transfer it to your Android device. To install the file, you will need to turn off  ‘Install from unknown sources’. You will find this option in Settings >Security on your device.

After enabling installation from unknown sources, simply open the APK file on your Android device. The file will ask for certain permissions. Grant these permissions and complete installation.