Data Recovery Software You Need to Undelete Data

Your system is working slow. So you thought of formatting your system with some data recovery software.

However, after you`ve done this, you tend to realize that you have forgotten to do the backup due to which you lost some important files.

Don’t worry! There are data recovery tools that can help to redeem the lost, deleted files from your system even if you don’t have a backup with you.

They can retrieve your lost data from any storage medium and recovers your data quickly and completely.




EaseUS Data Recovery Software is ranked as the number one recovery software that recuperates your lost data completely and quickly and retrieves it from any type of device such as mobile phone, windows, laptops, and a digital camera, etc.

The software is specialized in recovering the data from the HDD/SSD card and it also retains the original data from the corrupted disks and drives.

Here, are some of the prominent features of the data recovery software that are listed below:

  • It recovers more than 550 file types such as documents, images, emails, and audio files including WMV, AVI, MPEG, MP4, etc. Also, it helps to retrieve any type of file which you have accidentally lost.
  • It’s accessible on Windows and can be downloaded for free.
  • It’s easy to use and recovers the data in just three simple steps. Select the location from where data is lost> Initiate a scan for the lost data> Preview the lost file and recover it fastly and quickly.
  • It’s 100% safe and retains the originality of the lost data.
  • It scans deeper into the software so that it can quickly recuperate the deleted, lost, formatted, and inaccessible RAW files of your system.
  • It retrieves the data if your disk is not recognized while connecting to the server.


How to Use Data Recovery Software EaseUS Step by Step

This section of the article will discuss how to use EaseUS Data Recovery Software in your system and to recover your files rapidly.

Given below are the steps which you must use while using this recovery software on your windows:

Step 1

To use this software in your system, you need to download it first. Download the software on your Windows and after downloading it, launch the file for installation.

A welcome dialog box will appear on your screen, click on the Next option to continue using the software.


Step 2

You`ve downloaded the software into your system. Open the software and select the location from which you have to recover your lost data.




Step 3

After choosing the location, the software will scan your system.

Once the software has finished with the scanning, choose the file you want to recover.

To recuperate your data rapidly filters your search history by modifying it through file name, file type, and date.

To check which file you want to recover you can double-click on the file and click on the preview option to check the contents of it.




Step 4

After selecting your file, click on the recover option and save the file in another drive of your system.







When searching for data recovery software free, EaseUS is normally the first result as it helps to recover 2GB of data for free.

That’s very helpful in many cases especially for only one or two important file recovery. There are some totally free tools of this kind, but most of them are too old and nobody has updated them for many years.

Meanwhile, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard keeps the frequency of updating several times each year. Make full use of the free version.