Step by step procedure of setting up a TP-Link Wireless Extender

How to set up a TP-link wireless extender to improve Wireless Signal?

Step by step procedure of setting up a TP-Link Wireless Extender

Setting up a range extender to enhance the wi-fi range is one of the best options. The setup process for TP-Link Wireless Extender is quite simple and easy as it can be set up via the WPS button or by using the web interface method. Utilizing a wifi range extender allows extending the existing network in the dead zone areas as well.

Range extender devices can also be called Wi-Fi boosters to enhance the range of Wi-Fi in larger areas. Its dual-band range extender setup provides max wifi range as well as speed. You can easily set up the extender with any of the routers to access the setting page. The TP-link wireless extendersimply works as a repeater to attach the main Wi-Fi network and you can extend the network with a new Wi-Fi name. Hereby in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can boost the signal of your wifi with help of a Tp-link extender.

Tips and tricks to improve the Wireless signal of TP-link wireless extender

If you are looking to improve the wireless signal of your router, you must follow the mentioned below steps.

  • First of all, you need to go to “Advanced Settings” > Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Click on the “Max” option to amplify the signal range to 100% for appliance capability.
  • Tick on the “Save Settings” button to save the changes.

Set up the power on or off for the TP-link wireless extender

You can also schedule power on and off mode when you are not using the Wi-Fi. You can also set several days and timing as to the power saving and bizarre running of Wi-Fi repeater device. For this, you can move to “Advanced settings” > Power Schedule

Power off timings: You can set sleeping mode or auto turn off wifi when not in use.

Days: Choose the days from the drop-down menu when you want to set the scheduled power of the booster device.

Click on the Save Settings to apply the power saving button.

The setup process for the Wi-Fi range extender is done for now.

Things to consider while setting up a TP-link wireless extender

  • Be sure not to cover the extender device in any box or under the table or any other place where you did not get proper network connectivity.
  • You can find a central location in your home or office to locate the device for maximum range coverage.
  • Keep the extender away from the electronic gadgets that may hinder the network connectivity.


You can follow the above-motioned tips and tricks to improve the signal strength of your Wi-Fi extender. If you need any assistance, you can call us on our toll-free number or chat with our experts via the live chat window.


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