Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

How to Solve Error Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

Are you suffering from Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working?

With the increasing popularity of Microsoft Office, Word, as one of its applications, also has gained worldwide users’ favor. But it’s not always perfect without any problems. For example, when you try opening a Word file, you may get this error message Microsoft Word has Stopped Working, or the Word is hanging or crashing.

Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

Millions of users have encountered this issue during their MS (Microsoft) Word usage. Frankly speaking, even though it’s a serious case, but it brings about much trouble to users. To help you solve this Word error, we are going to take a look at several certain methods. Please follow these troubleshooting steps for Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working.


Part 1 – Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

Method 1: Exit Word and Reboot It in Safe Mode.

The first thing you need to do to end the error is closing the Word file and restarting it in safe mode computer.

  • Close Word directly.
  • Press Windows + R to open the Run window.
  • Type winword /safe in the text box. Hit Enter to boot Word in safe mode

Method 2: Disable Add-ins

Actually, Word and other Office tools have add-ins to enhance their performance. However, some add-ins is compatible with your version of the Windows system or Office. Thus, you are likely to get the error MS Word has stopped working.

To deal with this problem, you need to disable the faulty add-ins following these steps:

  • Open Run dialog by pressing Windows + R keys.
  • Input winword.exe /a and hit Enter.
  • Click Office > Word Options > Add-Ins > choose disable all add-ins.
Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

In this way, restart your Word again to see whether the problem has been solved.

Method 3: Update Word to the Latest

It is possible that an old version of the MS Word will lead to this error. So, you can try updating it to the latest.

  • Access a Word file.
  • Go to Accounts > Product information > Update options.
  • Check the option Enable updates is enabled. Then, find Update Now to download and install the latest version of Word
Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working

Method 4: Check the Office Activation Status

  • Access to a new Word file.
  • Click File > Account.
  • Check the Product Information to see if the Word is activated. If not, activate it with a serial key.


Method 5: Update or Remove Old Printer Driver

  • Launch Device Manager and find your printer.
  • Right-click the printer driver and select Uninstall or Update drivers.
  • For updating the drive, you need to search the updated driver software and follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • Start your PC again to check whether the error is solved.

Part 2 – Recover Lost and Unsaved Word Files

Another problem that comes with the error Microsoft Word has stopped working is the lost or unsaved Word files when the issue occurs. After finishing fixing the issue, you can open the Word application to check whether your Word files get lost.

Alternatively, if you fail to fix the error, unfortunately, you have the chance to rescue the lost or unsaved Word files just by using a data recovery program.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended. It will scan the hard drive to find and restore lost Word files just within 3 steps.

Case One: Recover Lost Word Files

Step1: Choose the Word Files Storage Location

First of all, open this software to get the main interface. Then, make sure which drive the Word files are saved. If they are kept in a removable storage device, just connect the device to the computer.


Step 2: Scan the Drive for Lost Data

Choose the drive to scan by clicking Scan or just double-click it. Then, the software will begin the scanning process for all lost data on the drive. Wait for a few minutes until it finishes.


Step 3: Select Needed Word Files to Recover

After scanning, there are many found files listed by the path. Just browse them to check what you need, and then click Save to restore them to a specified location.

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